Driving safety: 10 tips for driving a car

driving a car

In 2014, 1,663 died and more than 30,000 people were injured on the roads of France. A sad figure, but which must be kept in mind. Safety is an essential driving a car criterion when driving. Driver, pedestrians, passengers, everyone is concerned. To experience car journeys with peace of mind, Tiregom gives you its advice for driving safely in all weathers! Also read our other tire tips and tricks .

Driving according to the weather

During precipitation or heavy rain, in order to limit aquaplaning and drive in complete safety, we recommend that you:

Tiregom reminds you of the speed limits on wet pavement, namely, 80 km/h on the road, 100 km/h on the expressway and 110 km/h on the motorway .

Driving on snow and icy roads

On icy ground or a snowy road, specific driving is required! In extreme conditions, adopt a flowing driving style . You only need to obey a few rules to ride safely.

Caution is required! A side wind destabilizes your car and you have to face various obstacles. Tiregom suggests that you:

Watch out for pedestrians and tree branches on the low side

Close the windows to prevent the wind from blowing

Check that all your luggage or objects are properly secured on your roof rack

Slow down so you can stop quickly

Driving in high heat and heat waves

Most of the recent car fleet has air conditioning. It must be cleaned by a mechanic and properly adjusted.

Maintain a maximum temperature difference of 10 degrees with that of the outside

Hydrate yourself and all occupants including animals by drinking water

Use foggers to wet a baby’s face or an animal’s head (Tiregom, for example, hates being too hot in the car in the summer)

Do not park for too long in the sun with a child or an animal inside your car

Install side sun shades for the little ones

Of course, if you observe alarming symptoms concerning your child or your animal, you must consult a doctor.

Highway driving

Driving on the motorway must be done according to the rules of the art! Here are several points to observe:

Comply with speed limits

Only park on the hard shoulder in the event of a breakdown

Signal your intention to overtake or change lanes

A vest and a warning triangle are mandatory

During long monotonous journeys, fatigue sets in and a break every two hours is essential.

Remain vigilant regarding the behavior of motorists

Control your vehicle by avoiding a sudden change of direction

Respect the minimum speed of 50 km/h

Also read: Tips for driving safely on the highway

To prevent getting bogged down and spinning, we suggest you:

Observe road condition and soil layer

Easily deduce if you continue the journey in front of the wheel tracks of other vehicles

Faced with the altitude and the many bends, this driving requires great attention , here are our tips:

Driving on other terrains

In the forest, remain vigilant, both day and night, as to the passage of animals including deer and wild boars. On a dirt road, pay attention to stones, responsible for punctures. Remember that it is not equipped for vehicle traffic.

Adopt safe daily driving

It is completely different from daytime driving. We are often dazzled by the low beams or headlights of other vehicles. Here are some details:

Tyres: look at the rate of wear and check their pressure

For perfect grip, do not drive with under-inflated tires . It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers or tire manufacturers. The recommended ones vary depending on your rear load. Then increase the pressure of the tires located in the same place. Depending on their rate of wear, you can swap your wheels . In the event of a puncture , all you have to do is loosen the wheel, use your jack to replace it with your spare wheel. This should be checked regularly.

Drunk Driving

For your safety and that of your passengers, use a breathalyzer when leaving a restaurant (if you’ve been drinking, of course). He will inform you about your alcohol level and during a control by the gendarmerie, you will not be in violation. This way, you will not be penalized by a fine and will not lose points on your driving licence. During nightclub trips, party captains can take you out. Sam is the one who doesn’t drink!



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